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Universal Paints is a locally produced quality guaranteed paint. Developed by expert technical teams. We offer specialised expert advice obtained through years of experience in the industry. Universal Paints supplies and services consumers who understand the value of quality, longevity and expert service. Universal Paints is focused on producing and selling quality in every colour produced.

In an independent comparative test conducted at the Centre for Paints Technology, on 6 reputable S.A paint brands, only Universal Paints passed with 100% performance in the 3 categories tested. Universal Paints was on average the best value for money.

Our staff are fully trained to match any colour sample brought into our stores, or you can choose from our selection of thousands of colour swatches available in store. Colours matched and mixed while you wait.

Dedicated factory shops in Gauteng are the sole suppliers of Universal Products thereby eliminating the cost "middleman" and high overheads. These savings are passed on to our customers directly. The colour of quality does not always come at a price!