paint brush
  • basaltInspired by the dark coloured
    volcanic Basalt rock. The rock sometimes
    displays a beautiful columnar structure
  • Dune Dust Inspired by the calming
    sensation of the wind blowing
    over the dunes
  • RhinestoneInspired by the clarity
    of a rhinestone gem
  • BaobabInspired by the beautiful
    brown colour of the Baobab trees
  • BushveldInspired by the adventurous
    nature of the bushveld
  • FynbosInspired by the natural
    landscape of the Western Cape
  • CobblestoneInspired by cobblestone
    river rocks
  • SableInspired by the lighter
    shades of brown found on
    a sable antelope
  • Rice GrainInspired by the yellow
    undertones in a grain of rice
  • KimberliteInspired by the touch of brown
    in the igneous Kimberlite rock
    which contains diamonds

Our Standard Color Range

Our paint tinting and mixing experts can offer you any beautiful shade of paint you require. Find the colour you’ve been looking for in our standard colours or visit one of our stores to match any colour you desire

* Please note that the colours displayed on our website may vary due to your screen settings and resolutions. Always consult one of our stores colour cards before making your final choice in colour


White Buttercup Cotton Raw Silk Zambezi Ouklip Stone Franschhoek SableNew CobblestoneNew FynbosNew BushveldNew BasaltNew


White Silver Black BattleshipNew DenimNew Deep BlueNew Brilliant GreenNew BrunswickNew Golden BrownNew OX BloodNew PWD BrownNew Signal RedNew Calypso OrangeNew Medium YellowNew

Pure Acrylic

White Mod Red

Roof Acrylic

Charcoal Black Sky Grey Chocolate Nutmeg Plum Hacienda Terracotta Claytile Antique Green New Green Midnight Blue


White Sandy Bay Sahara Sand Stone River Rock Mushroom Elephant Hide BaobabNew KimberliteNew


White Grey Black Red

Velvet Sheen

White Grecian White Cameo White Ice Cascade Manilla Beige Canvas Dune DustNew RhinestoneNew Rice GrainNew